Our current project, residing house on the address Petre Kavtaradze 1st lane N3, is one of the first projects in which there is fully protected the resolution of the government of Georgia N41about “security rules of building-premises”.

The building is placed in 100 meters from central street, which protects house from excessive noise and pollution.

While constriction we use highest quality, already approved construction materials, however we don’t refuse to innovations. The building of the walls happens from ecologically clean materials prepared from izo block. Outside door-windows are montaged with energy efficient izo profile of aluminum and the building is wrapped with modern means of heating which makes you to save 40% of utility bills. 

The façade of the building is distinguished with modern,  refined architecture in which there is harmonically fits elements of natural stone and metal.  All of this mentioned above talks about high standards and aesthetics. Residing house will be fully adapted for provision of movement of disabled persons. For them there will be arranged  special auto parking of cars, near to modern elevator. In the project there will be strictly protected norms of fire security, will be installed defectors against smoke and automatic fire control systems. Near of the residing complex there is functioning sport arena. For us the quality is most important and that’s why there is permanently going on control of performed works and construction materials.

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